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11 Reasons Why Coffee is Good for You

10. Coffee is Beneficial for the Liver

If’ you’re asking why is coffee good for you, one good area to consider is the liver.

This is a coffee benefit that many people don’t know about.

As I mentioned earlier, coffee can help to decrease the risk of liver cancer.

But, there is also another desirable outcome and this is related to cirrhosis of the liver.

This is a condition that prevents the liver from functioning properly. It occurs as the result of long-term damage to the liver and can take months or years to develop.

Research has shown that drinking coffee can significantly decrease the risk of cirrhosis .

One study noted that this effect occurs with coffee, but not with other drinks containing caffeine.

That outcome suggests that it is the compounds in the coffee itself that decrease the risk of liver cirrhosis, rather than the caffeine.

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